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Database and Database Manipulation Language

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In this case assignment, you will write the SQL statement to work on the community library database. Following are the tasks you are required to perform:

1. Populate data to the tables in your database
2. Retrieve the contact details of library customers
3. Retrieve the contact details of library customers who live in certain city
4. Update the residence information of a certain customer
5. Retrieve names and phone number of customers who have overdue books as of a certain date
6. Describe what you have learned in this assignment.
Write a paper (2-5 pages) that includes your SQL statements and screenshots of the queries in OpenOffice.

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Please find attached document and access database for this exercise.

1. Customer, Library_Card, and Customer_CheckOut tables populated

2. SELECT Customer.CustomerNo, Customer.FirstName, Customer.LastName, Customer.StreetNo, Customer.StreetName, Customer.City, Customer.State, Customer.ZipCode, ...

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This solution will help to understand how to insert, update, and retrieve information from database tables created in an Access database. The business model is a community library database where members take borrow and return library material. Information stored in the database helps the library manage all transactions that take place on a daily basis.

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For the Trident University Student database, generate reports that specified in module 2 SLP.

1. Students who live in California
2. Student who live outside California
3. Name of students who take ITM440 course
4. Name of students who live in California and take ITM440 course
5. Student names, courses they have taken, and letter grade for each of these courses.
6. Any other information you would like to retrieve from the database?

Write a paper (2-5 pages) that includes your SQL statements and screenshots of the result of your queries in OpenOffice.

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