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    Software Installation

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    A software application has been delivered to your organization that meets the company's specifications. Using associated examples, describe problems which might arise when it is installed and used in your organization.

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    Problems in Installing and Using the Software
    There are various problems that might be faced by an organization when the software install and use. Some problems might be as follow:
    License: The main problem might be related to the license. It is identified that some time organizations purchase an unauthorized software packages that created problems in installing and using them in effective way. Unauthorized software packages include various risks such as viruses and other harmful software that may create problems for organization to install them effectively. Unlicensed and unauthorized software packages might also destroy the computer system that created problems for the organization (Parsons & Oja, 2010).
    Support from Employees: At the time of installing and using the new software application, the problems might also arise from the side of employees. It is because some time employees are not supporting new software and they do not want any changes in the organization ...

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