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Project Management - Development Process: functions, tools, methods, responsibilities

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Given the different function responsibilities of each "bubble", what tools or methods would you use to make sure that each part of the organization is engaged in the development process and also provides the right level of requirements and inputs to the project?

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In outline format, the response is subdivided into eight subjects and each is further explored with 3 to 8 points each.

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1. Buying the most appropriate software components at the right price.
2. Negotiating with the vendors.
3. Executing the tendering process in an impartial manner.
4. Testing of software quoted and testing the software when delivered.
5. Ascertaining from other managers and departments their needs and using the best sourcing techniques to procure the best possible software
6. Ascertaining that the software required are available on time and not part of the project is held up for the lack of software

1. Ascertaining the software and hardware requirements of the different departments and functions of the company.
2. Ordering the hardware and software required by the company and ensuring that the computers are available when required and work is not held up because of the non-availability of the computers.
3. Ensuring that the computers are in working condition and the required software is available to the departments who need it.

1. To examine the various functions and determining the most appropriate software for the job.
2. Training the project personnel to use the ...

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