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Standards-Based Web Programming

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Discuss the statement "The use of standards-based Web programming is overrated".

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In order to put some light onto this topic, "the use of standards-based Web programming is overrated", let us start with an example of standards-based web programming language named as CoffeeScript. This discussion will be based on whether CoffeeScript as a standards-based web programming platform is overrated or not and then a personal conclusion will be drawn on this issue.

CoffeeScript, a web programming language and a modern version of JavaScript, compiles into JavaScript. JavaScript itself have many problems such as inheritance, shorter function syntax with optional binding of this and so on. CoffeeScript tries to reveal the better parts of JavaScript in a more understandable way. CoffeeScript strikes just the right balance between providing syntactic sugar and remaining close to JavaScript, making the language succinct yet efficient and fairly easy to debug. Below are the reasons why I think that CoffeeScript, as an example of standards-based programming platform, is ...

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Standards-based web programming are examined.

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