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    Future of the Internet

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    Assess the practical uses of jQuery and HTML and the future of these topics. Evaluate the effect they may have in influencing the future of the Web.

    Answer to be 500-550 words

    Include all references

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    ***I may have went a little overboard on some of these topics, but these thoughts should set you in the right direction***

    This is an interesting topic because it gets to the heart of where the future of the internet ant the World Wide Web is going. There are multiple possibilities for this, from one extreme to the other, for instance, there could be a world-wide economic melt-down leading to an inability to fund basic public works systems given monetary policy, which in turn would directly affect the ability for the world wide web to continue; however this is not very practical, given that a vast amount of commerce relies heavily on the electrical grid and the fiber-optic, wireless, cellular, and satellite systems that largely power the bits that travel accumulating the Internet at large. If anything, there is a possibility for increased censorship or higher levels of security imposed by private organizations to prevent larger governmental institutions from eaves dropping on their data, whether it be customer information or intellectual property (Internet Society, 2013).

    That being said, we can begin to look at an Internet that will continue to grow, with ...

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    Some thoughts on the direction of the Internet and the influence of two popular languages.