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Network Security, Design, Management

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Classic Catalog Company runs a small but rapidly growing catalog sales business. It outsourced its Web operations to a local ISP for several years but as the Web have become a larger portion of its business, it has decided to move its Web sites onto its own internal computer systems. It has also decided to undertake a major upgrade of its own internal networks. The company has two buildings, an office complex, and a warehouse. The two-story office building has 60 computers. The first floor has 40 computers, 30 of which are devoted to telephone sales. The warehouse, located 400 feet across the company's parking lot from the office building, has about 100,000 square feet, all on one floor. The warehouse has 15 computers in the shipping department located at one end of the warehouse. The company is about to experiment with using wireless handheld computers to help employees more quickly locate and pick products for customer orders, Based on traffic projections for the coming year, the company plans to use a T1 connection from its office to its ISP. It has three servers: the main Web server, and email server, and an internal application server for its application systems (e.g., orders, payroll). Perform a risk assessment.

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Risk Assessment of three servers for a Catalog Company:
In the given scenario we have to secure basically three servers and we have to perform the risk assessment for these servers as listed below:
Web server
Email server
Internal server
Web server:
Web server is an important part of any network as it is hosting the websites. For security point of view we must take care that the person outside our network can access only those sites which are not restricted i.e. we have kept them under our public folder of web server directory. Here is a small example of configuration of the script for the web server:
Server Name www.xyz.com

UserDir public_html

<Directory />
Order deny,allow
Deny from all

<Directory ...

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Network security, design and management is examined.

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