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Trusted Computing Group Specifications

Discuss the issues related to forensic analysis in regards to computer design, according to Trusted Computing Group specifications.

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Trusted Computing Group is an industry standards body formed to build up, identify, and support open standards for trusted computing and security technologies, including hardware building blocks and software interfaces, across several platforms, peripherals, and devices. The specifications provided by TCG provide vital insights into issues related to forensic analysis in regards to computer design. TCG specifications are intended to facilitate more safe computing environments without compromising functional reliability with the primary goal of helping users to protect their information assets from compromise due to external software attack and physical theft apart from other security related issues (Infosecurityproductsguide.com, 2007).

A lot of issues have been raised by the specifications mentioned by the Trusted Computing Group ...

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This deals with the Trusted Computing Group Specifications and the relation with computer forensics and design.