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Interface Design

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Design approaches used for business interfaces and those used for interfaces involving personal uses are the same. Do you agree with this statement? Give reasons in support of your answer.

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In terms of ease of use and clarity, I would agree that the design principles for business and personal use interfaces are the same.
1) Be consistent-use the same type of interface in similar circumstances. For instance if a user clicks on a list item to activate it, have them click again on another list. They shouldn't need to perform different functions to produce the same results.
2) Set standards for user interfaces and stick to them.
3) Make it easy for users to move from 1 interface to another.
4) Make screen navigation easy. This requires being cognizant of the language and culture of your users. English readers read from left to right, but other cultures read up and down or right to left.
5) Make messages and title clear and easy to read.
6) Use color appropriately.
7) Expect ...

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This solution discusses design approaches used for business interfaces.