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    Network Security: Opening to the World 5s

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    Explore the tutorial, Intel's IT Manager game:


    then tell:

    -A brief description of the tutorial and what it teaches

    -Key new language learned, including major technical terms; please provide brief definitions for these, and indicate why they are important.

    -Any areas of uncertainty left by the tutorial; does it leave you believing that you need to know more about some topics?

    -Your evaluation of and experiences with the tutorial as you checked it out

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    This tutorial teaches you how to play a one player vs. another game about setting up technology for a company in a turn based process on a simulated playing board. The game board consists of areas for placing assets of servers, PC stations, mobile devices, staff, projects, and policies. On a players turn they are given random assets from those listed above and/or events. During a turn, the player places what they can of the assets and events onto the game board. The player is then awarded kudos (good job) points based on these placements.

    The following is a list of the assets ...

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    The network security opening to the world 5s are given. Key new languages learned are discussed.