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    Review of New Technologies Paper

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    "An emerging technology not in use at the company such as a wireless network or PDAs."

    I need to address the following:

    o What the technology is
    o How the technology works
    o Benefits the technology will provide
    o Any potential negative aspects of the technology

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    Management has requested a proposal to justify the need for PDAs, personal digital assistant. PDAs are mobile devices, also known as palmtop computers that provide organization, easy contact ability, and internet access via built-in web browsers. Many PDAs can access the company's intranet or extranets. PDAs use touch screen technology or built-in mini keyboards.
    PDAs have either a touch screen or a built-in mini keyboard for entering data, camera, and memory card slots for additional storage, Bluetooth connectivity, and Wi-Fi for accessing wireless Internet networks. The software in a PDA is characteristically a calendar, notepad, address books, voicemail, clock, as well as email and web browsers. A number of PDAs have GPS, Global Positioning System for navigation to ...

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