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    Java class UnorderedList

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    Public class UnorderedList
    public UnorderedList()
    // Post: List is the empty list.

    public boolean contains(String item)
    // Post: If item is in the list contains is
    // True; False, otherwise

    public void add(String item)
    // Pre: item is not already in the list
    // Post: item is in the list

    public void resetList()
    // Post: Iteration variable has been set to listPtr

    public String next()
    // Pre: An unseen item remains
    // The list has not been changed since the
    // last call to this method
    // Post: iteration variable has been updated
    // The item is returned

    public boolean hasNext()
    // Post: Returns true if there is an unseen item;
    // returns false otherwise

    private Node listPtr; // external pointer
    private Node currentItem // iteration variable

    Completely implement above given class UnorderedList, and write a driver to create and print a list using data file "Names.dat".

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