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    Programming Language Multiple Choice

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    25 questions.

    Reference: Concepts of Programming Languages sixth edition.

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    1.A vector processor is an example of a ______ computer.
    Ans c. single instruction, multiple data stream (SIMD)

    2. Prolog's order of evaluation is:
    Ans left to right, depth first.

    3. A data structure consisting of an integer variable and a queue of
    task descriptors is called a semaphore.
    Ans. True

    4. In Prolog, instantiation:
    a. binds a value to a variable.
    b. binds a type to a variable.
    c. computes an inferred proposition from given propositions.
    d. a and b.
    e. a and c.
    f. b and c.
    g. all of the above.

    5.A monitor:
    1. shared data is resident in the monitor rather than clients.
    2. provides synchronization without semaphores.
    3. provides cooperation synchronization.


    6.In C++, exceptions are raised by the _____ expression.
    a. raise
    b. try
    c. when
    d. throw
    Ans.d. throw

    7. All of the following are advantages of exception handling except:
    a. eliminates code clutter resulting from error-checking.
    b. enables error propagation to specialized routines.
    c. provides the means for avoiding logic errors.
    d. encourages programmers to consider all of the events that could
    occur and plan for handling them.
    Ans.c. provides the means for avoiding logic errors.

    8. In the event a Java Virtual Machine runs out of heap memory, an ...