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    Example Website With Bad Web Design

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    1. Find a website with obvious usability issues (good or bad).
    2. Discuss addressing why you think the site you selected is usable or not. Be sure to include the URL of the website you are referring to.

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    Find a website with obvious usability issues (good or bad). 

    When you look at Yahoo's home page (www.yahoo.com)
    Usability issues related to yahoo (bad)

    - drop down menu on top covers the information underneath
    - opening new window(s)
    - just to get real-time quote it takes to another page
    - search is awe full. (Even for simple ones it is not showing any relevant results)
    - taking time to load (not good for user having dial-up connection)
    - inconsistency in font size ...

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    Outlines issues with a major website's design decisions.