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Future Trends in Computer Forensics

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Discuss future trends in computer forensics and international cooperation. What are the future trends that are likely to dominate the Computer Forensics sector over the coming decade?

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Discuss future trends in computer forensics and international cooperation

The current technology and techniques associated with computer forensics leaves a huge scope for growth and improvement. Considering our dependence on technology for day to day activities, computer crime has emerged as a new concern. Computer crime is a lucrative criminal activity that continues to develop in its prevalence and frequency. This need has led to the growth in the demand for digital forensic science and specifically computer forensics. The area of computer forensics has now become a standard scientific discipline (Purdue.edu, 2003).

This has led to emergence of new trends of tools and technologies associated with computer forensics. This trend is likely to expand in the near future as well. The next generation of digital forensics tools will employ high performance ...

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This solution examines the future trends in the field of Computer Forensics especially over the next decade.