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Ways to share a large computer file

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You are sitting at your desk at work, using your laptop computer. The boss calls an emergency meeting for you and several coworkers, and asks everyone to bring his or her laptop computer. When you get to the meeting room, the boss wants to download an important file from his laptop to all your coworker's laptops. List three possible media solutions that will support this download, along with their advantages and disadvantages.

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First, a direct transfer from laptop to laptop as described is an excellent way to share viruses, and it takes a lot of waiting time for high-paid employees to twiddle their thumbs waiting. If this solution is the one you will use, I recommend putting the file on a flash USB data drive, and virus-checking the drive on EACH laptop before installation of the desired file to another laptop. Hopefully this will limit viruses, even if this precaution takes even MORE time to download all the files to each laptop.

However, there are other ways to accomplish this feat. First, upload the file to an ...

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Alternatives to direct upload of a large file to an employee's laptop; ways that are faster, more convenient and safer.

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