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    Network Design for Client with 50 remote locations

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    Recommend a network design for a client that has 50 remote locations in addition to a central headquarters. Half of the remote locations are required to connect or stay on line with central headquarters 6 to 8 hours a day and send large files back and forth which consist of date, graphics and product design information including blueprints. The other 25 locations are sales offices and connect at the end of the day to upload daily/other periodic reports that total less than 5 megabytes of data. You are not to provide a network diagram but a general narrative of what you recommend and the reason therefore.

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    I would recommend a network that utilizes Multi Protocol Label Switching or MPLS technology. MPLS allows a network to send information in an "any to any" environment. What this means is if a location needs to send information to another remote location it does not have to go through the hub site first to send the information. In the old days you had what was called a "hub and spoke" environment, where information had to go through the headquarters location first, prior to being sent to the final destination. This could cause the network to become congested and to drop "packets", which meant that the information had to be resent to the end user.

    In the mentioned scenario I would have a 45 Mbps MPLS ...

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    A network design for a client with 50 remote locations is recommended. The reasons for the recommendation are given.