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Computing the one-hop transmission delay 2

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Consider the attached image, in which a single router is transmitting packets, each of length L bits, over a single link with transmission rate R Mbps to another router at the other end of the link.

Suppose that the packet length is L= 12000 bits, and that the link transmission rate along the link to router on the right is R = 10 Mbps.

(a) What is the transmission delay (the time needed to transmit all of a packet's bits into the link)?

(b) what is the maximum number of packets per second that can be transmitted by the link?

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Solution Summary

The solution computes the one-hop transmission delay 2. The maximum number of packets per second that can be transmitted by the link are determined.

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a. The transmission delay is the time needed to transmit all the bits of 1 packet to the link. We ...

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