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    Propagation delays at the physical layer

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    1) Consider a communications satellite in geosynchronous orbit. It sits approximately 35,786 km above the Earth's equator. What is the transmission delay in seconds that would be expected for a data packet to travel from one ground station to another via this satellite? You may make the simplifying assumption that the data packet travels at the speed of light in vacuum.

    2) Consider a "long haul" cable that is 100 km in length. Assume that the propagation speed in the cable is 2/3 the speed of light in vacuum. What is the transmission delay (in milli-seconds) through this cable? In other words, how long does it take for a single bit to travel from one end of the cable to the other?

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    1) The data packet travels from one ground station to the satellite, then back to Earth to the other station. Speed of ...

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