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admission for a Masters degree

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What processes do I have to go through if I want to get admission into a US university for a masters program?

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Tips for admission for a Masters degree are provided.

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The process usually takes a little more than a year and costs approximately $600, excluding airfare.
<br>1. Think carefully and write down a 1-page statement describing your goals and plans (you may name it "Research Interests" or "Statement of Interest". Prepare a resume/curriculum vitae describing your academic and work experience (also, not to exceed one page). Also, prepare an electronic copy of your unofficial transcripts -- all in plain text format. Write down a sample letter (email) to a DGS (Director of Graduate Studies -- a person responsible for graduate admission at various departments). This letter must be very short, it must summarize the first three documents and contain a request to estimate your chances of ...

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