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Windows XP Creation Files

I open my computer and create a new folders named Apex Carton, Manufacturing, Material Suppliers, East Coast and West Coast. Then move the East Coast and West Coast folders into the Material Suppliers folder.

For the next part of my home work I can't understand what I have to do. Please could you explain it for me step by step.
I need: Create a blank file using WordPad, then save it as Suppliers Bid in the Manufacturing folder. Then move the Suppliers Bid file into the Material Suppliers folder. Copy the Suppliers Bid file into the Manufacturing folder and rename the copied file Manufacturing Bids. Then draw the file hierarchy of my Apex Cartons folder. Then send to my teacher.

I can't understand how I can send this folders. Please explain it to me if it is possible.

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This is indeed a bit confusing, but perhaps the teacher just wants the drawing of the hierarchy that you make by hand.

Another possibility is that you take a snapshot of the tree using the Command Prompt:
it is a black window that you can open from

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