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    Computer threats, vulnerabilities, and exploits

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    Research a current computer threat. Describe the nature of the threhttp://www.brainmass.com/images/v2/buttons/crt_posting_save.gifat and the potential repercussions it could have for a network.

    I have found four that I am looking for more information on:

    A worm called SASSER

    A computer threat known as the JS/Downloader -BNL.

    A worm called the W32 Ackantta

    The vulnerability in Adobe's Reader

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    W32.Sasser.Worm is a worm discovered on April of 2004. It is known to affect Windows 2000 and Windows XP OS platforms. What it does is to waste resources of the infected system, causing other applications to crash and not run properly due to memory problems. Older platforms like Windows 95, Windows 98 and Windows ME cannot be infected by these, but the worm can still run on them without harmful effects. Those older OS platforms will simply act like a carrier of the worm, although not affected but they can be the breeding ground to ...

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