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1. Use Run-Length encoding to compress the following:

00110 00000 00000 10001

Note: Two different approaches to run length encoding were presented. You may use either approach for this problem.

2. Using front-end compression to reduce the data storage requirements for the following list.

Uncompressed Compressed

Aleskow, Elliot Aleskow, Elliot
Alton, Eli {2}ton, Eli
Altman, Paul
Altman, Peter
Anolik, Stuart
Appiah, Leonard
Apple, Vanessa

3. Encrypt the following plaintext into ciphertext using a monoalphabetic substitution cipher with a key = 3


4. Given an decimal dotted quad IP address of 170 . 15 . 9 . 20

a. Convert it to a binary dotted quad address

b. What is the class of the IP address?

c. What is the netid?

d. What is the hostid?

e. If the host is divided into 32 LANs (i.e. subnets), then what would the subnet mask be? Show the subnet mask in both

Binary dotted quad:

Decimal dotted quad:

5. Which station characteristic can be used to group stations into a VLAN?

_____ Port numbers

_____ MAC addresses

_____ IP addresses

_____ All of the above

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Question 1) We group 7 bits or 8 bits to group together in run length encoding. In here we got 8 consecutive 0s so we can group them and specify how many of them.So we got the ...

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