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Replacing or Upgrading a computer power supply

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Describe the process necessary to properly install and/or replace the computer power supply in a computer.

This solution gives students the resources and tips necessary to properly specify the procedure to replace a computer's power supply.

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To properly address this problem requires that you format your response correctly. The response should be outlined in terms of the question elements being asked for, then answer each element in detail. Your response should include an introduction which briefly explains the problem and how that problem is important to the topic being studied as well as any assumptions you will make. In the conclusion, you also need to summarize the details of your solution, any citations based on outside research such as websites or articles using APA, MLA, or other citation style to alleviate any plagiarism concerns. Always remember: when in doubt, quote or paraphrase and give credit!

A good outline to follow when specifying this procedure (Sandler, 2003): Always remember.

I. If you are installing a new power supply in a system which you have changed or made modifications to components ...

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The goal of this solution is to assist with understanding the procedure to manually remove the existing power supply from a computer and replace that power supply with a new power supply. This solution entails what wattage is needed for power supply unit purchase when system level upgrades to computer components such as CPU, Drives, Expansion cards, etc. are made. Replacement of these components with parts from different manufacturers or different specifications might ultimately mean calculating the needed wattage and installing a power supply of a different power and current rating. The solution gives a brief understanding of important points necessary to accomplish the PSU replacement and also gives the student 3 video clips of actual power supply unit replacements in progress.

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