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WSDL standard

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This Discussion focuses on a situation that you could face as a member of an architecture team. Some proposed protocols become standards. Usually, standards evolve over a period of time, with new versions being introduced every so often. However, new versions are usually not adopted immediately and may not have sufficient tool support. By the end of the Discussion, you will be able to identify the issues to be considered before making a decision in such situations. This knowledge will help you perform more efficiently as an architect when working on IT projects.
Jeff, a member of the architecture team, has been assigned the task of selecting appropriate versions of the WSDL standard for an SOA project. He is currently facing a dilemma over whether to choose the stable older version 1.x or the latest untested, feature-rich version 2.0.

Discussion Prompt:
â?¢ What will you advise Jeff so that he can make an informed decision? Justify your response

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DISCUSSION: Selecting an Appropriate WSDL

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I will advise Jeff to take into account several factors before selecting the appropriate version of WSDL standard. First of all, as mentioned below, he should evaluate the trade off of selecting a feature rich newer version which has not been tested and lacks support versus a more stable older version with proven success history and support. If Jeff is looking for a solution for which he ...

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