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    Simple Object Access Potoccol

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    Simple Object Access Potoccol. How is SOAP related to XML and HTTP? Assume that your readers are familiar with browsing the internet, but they have no technical knowledge of how it works behind the scene. Compose a two to three paragraphs explaining SOAP to your users

    Please include references for research purposes.

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    Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP)
    The concept of web services is based around a model where Web sites and Web based applications are able to communicate with each other and with a range of client devices including PC's, PDA's, mobile phones and other smart devices. The web services vision also puts forward an environment where building this type of application will be a drag-drop type operation. The only interface that needs to be defined for a web service is the mechanism for calling and interacting with it which is known as the Web service contract. The protocol that has become widely accepted for this purpose is the XML based simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP).
    SOAP was developed by Microsoft and later submitted to W3C. It provides an abstract communication protocol capable of bridging or connecting two applications that have programmatically exposed their capabilities as web services. SOAP is an XML based protocol that consists of three parts: an envelope that describes what the message is and how to process it; an optional header that ...

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    How is SOAP related to XML and HTTP is determined.