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    Computer Model

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    You have been contracted to build an order entry system for a custom car parts manufacturer. The resource people assigned to you from the manufacturer have no technical expertise and seem distrustful of you.
     Describe some ways to make the resource people comfortable.
     Explain how you can make sure that you are able to obtain all of the necessary information for a successful project.

    Consider a system that needs to store information about computers in a computer lab, such as the features and location of each computer.

    ◦Describe five things that might be included in the model.
    ◦Explain at least two of the relationships among these things.
    ◦Describe two or three attributes of each of these things.
    ◦Select the model you think would be best for this system and explain your choice.

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    Excellent communication between technical experts and nontechnical individuals must be established to help ensure productivity. There exist mistrust between IT organizations and customers. The result of this can produce negative experiences of technical and nontechnical individuals. The result leads to them avoiding each other at the moment when they should be collaborating. To ensure that each member of the team feels comfortable is to provide relief. The following will help: 1. Contain and reduce cost. 2. Establish improvement within the outcomes. 3. Keep pace with innovation to maintain competitive advantage.4. Meet the demand by establishing expectations and consumer technologies and communications. Change can sometimes produce anxiety within groups that are ...

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    A computer model that helps individuals connect through a network.