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    The Factors in Purchasing A Personal Computer

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    You are considering purchasing a personal computer. What factors would affect your price sensitivity in making the decision? How would those same factors affect the price sensitivity of some personal computer buyers differently?

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    The following factors would affect my price sensitivity regarding the purchase of a computer:

    (1) The purpose of the purchase: I would most probably intend to use the computer mainly for pleasure (such as downloading movies and movies, or playing games).

    (2) My budget for the purchase: Because I have many needs and this computer will be used for entertainment, I have a limited budget for the purchase.

    (3) The features of the computer: I would be willing more for a computer with all of the features I need or want than for one for which I will have to purchase additional features separately.

    (4) The reputation of the manufacturer: As a non-technical person, I do not want to worry that if the computer breaks it will be difficult to get it repaired. Therefore, I will pay more for a well-known brand with a network of repair facilities.

    (5) The reliability of the model: Closely akin to the reputation of the ...

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    This solution discusses the factors an individual would consider in purchasing a computer, as well as how they are different from those used by the business and governmental purchaser.