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Build versus buy a PC

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Identify the top three (3) factors that have the largest influence on whether you would purchase a pre-built personal computer (PC) or whether you would build a PC. Justify your response.

Suppose you are assisting a company who is shopping for new PC's for its workers. They are having a difficult time differentiating among computer components listed on the computers' specification lists. Identify the primary components and performance criteria that you believe the company should consider when making such a purchase. Justify your response.

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The first major consideration in purchasing a pre-built PC versus building the PC inhouse will be the ability of both type of PC to meet our desired requirements. It is extremely important that the PC should resolve the needs of the users and meets the requirements of the organization/individual. Further, the second consideration will be pricing. Pricing is an important consideration in buying such products because we need to make best possible use of our limited resources. The third important ...

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This solution discusses whether to build or buy a PC as well as performance criteria and key components that needs to be evaluated before buying a PC.

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