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Donnor meat Linear programming

The Donnor meat processing firm produces wieners from four ingredients: chicken, beef, pork, and a cereal additive. The firm produces three types of wieners: regualr beef, and all-meat. The company has the following amounts of each ingredient available on a daily basis:

Chicken 200 $.20
Beef 300 .30
Pork 150 .50
Cereal additive 400 .05

Each type of wiener has certain ingredient specifications, as follows.

Specifications Selling Price/pound
Regular Not more than 10% beef&pork combo
Not less than 20% chicken .90
Beef Not less than 75% beef 1.25
All-meat No cereal additive
Not more than 50% beef&pork combo 1.75

The firm wants to know how many pounds of wieners of each type to produce to maximize profits.
a. Formulate a linear programming model and solve the model by using a computer.

Please help in formulating a linear programming model and solve the model using the computer. I do not understand.