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algebra - Linear Equation

1. Jackie buys a computer for $3600. For tax purposes, she declares a linear depreciation (loss of value) of $600 per year. Let y be the declared value of the computer after x years. If the linear relation of the depreciation model in this situation is given by 3600 - y = 600x

a. What is the slope of the line that models this depreciation?

b. Write a linear equation in slope-interception form to model the above depreciation equation.

c. Find the value of Jackie┬┐s computer after 4.5 years.

d. How many years will it take Jackie to fully depreciate her computer?

2. What kind of slope you would get if your employer decided to pay you the same salary whether you work overtime or not? Define the dependent and independent variables in this situation.

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(1) The linear equation of the depreciation model is y = -600x + 3600

(a) Slope = -600

(b) The slope-intercept form is y = -600x + 3600

(c) Plug in ...

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