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C program to synchronize parent and child processes

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Write a C program that synchronizes a parent and a child process in such a way that the output of the program will be:

Child process, iteration: 1
Parent process, iteration: 1
Child process, iteration: 2
Parent process, iteration: 2
Child process, iteration: 3
Parent process, iteration: 3
Child process, iteration: 4
Parent process, iteration: 4
Child process, iteration: 5
Parent process, iteration: 5
Child process, iteration: 6
Parent process, iteration: 6
Child process, iteration: 7
Parent process, iteration: 7
Child process, iteration: 8
Parent process, iteration: 8
Child process, iteration: 9
Parent process, iteration: 9

Please use the attached example file, and change it accordingly.

You must use ONLY SIGNALS for synchronization between the child and the parent processes. The use of "sleep()" system call is not allowed.

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Solution Summary

Code assumes no loss of signals delivered to the program. Sometimes signals delivered to the program can get lost, in which case the program is likely to hang.

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Attached sample implementation 259597.c has been tested working on Fedora 7 Linux installation after ...

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