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Family Reactions to Children's Special Needs Assessments

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What feelings do family members often have when a child is identified with an exceptional need (remember to consider gifted children as well). What strategies can you use during your work with the family to advocate for their rights for services and support and for their sharing their feelings with each other? Provide examples from your experiences (of families that you know or have worked with in the past).

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The feelings that family members often have when a child is identified with an exceptional need, often vary between the different family members, and can differ in intensity as well. Sometimes members may view the identification of their child with a special need, as a positive, proactive step by which the child can receive the help that he or she needs, which will facilitate a better learning experience for that child. These individuals would tend to have positive feelings toward the exceptional need identification, and the subsequent processes and procedures that are involved. Other family members may view this identification as a detrimental aspect of the child's educational progress, and may have feelings ...