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Bead Bar Consultant and Software Options

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Select two executives from the Bead Bar and imagine that you are an IT
consultant for them. What software solutions would you recommend to your executives based on their needs? Explain your answer.

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This solution of 467 words explores the different software solutions appropriate for the Bead Bar and explains why.

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Due to the nature of the work and the location in which the company operates around the world, telecommunications is an essential function that provides Bead Bar the ability to operate efficiently. Bead Bar operates on a large Wide area network providing employees the ability to share files and email and other digital media with their coworkers on the other side of the world. Due to the nature of the work that Bead Bar is involved in, the bandwidth associated with the network at each of the respective sites is typically In the neighborhood of a T-1 or 1.54 MBPS. Naturally, depending on the specific location and the number of employees that are assigned to the specific office, the bandwidth ...

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