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Successive dilutions of a solution

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A serial dilution is used to prepare solutions containing amounts(grams)of chemicals so small that they would be impossible to measure with ordinary balance. If 5.00ml of a .10 Molar salt (NaCl) solution is diluted to 500ml,then diluted to 500ml of another new solution, what is its concentration. If 5.00 ml of this solution is diluted to 500ml, what is the concentration of the final solution? How many grams of salt are in the final solution.

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The solution explains how to calculate the final concentration after successive dilution processes.

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Concentration of 0.1 molar means we have 0.1 moles solute in one liter of solution.
Therefore in 5ml of solution at 0.1M we have:

The amount of the solute does not change during the dilution process. So after first dilution step we ...

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