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    Oswald process - Explained

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    9) Industrially, nitric acid (HNO3) is produced by the Oswald process represented by the following - what mass of NH3 is needed to produce 5 tones of HNO3? How much Oxygen is required?
    4NH3 + 5O2 = 4NO = 6H20
    2NO + O2 = 2NO2
    2NO2 + H2O = HNO3 + HNO2

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    4NH3 + 5O2 => 4NO + 6H20 ---(1)
    <br>2NO + O2 =&gt; 2NO2 ----(2)
    <br>2NO2 + H2O =&gt; HNO3 + HNO2 ----(3)
    <br>From the reaction is can be seen that 2 moles of NH3 gives 2 moles of NO (1)
    <br>2 moles of NO gives 2 moles of NO2 (2)
    <br>and 2 moles of NO2 gives 1 mole of HNO3 (3)
    <br>THis implies that 2 moles of NH3 gives 1 ...

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