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    Electronic Spectra in Coordination Chemistry

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    The most intense absorption band in the visible spectrum of [Mn(H20)6}2+ is at 24,900 cm-1 and has a molar absorptivity of 0.038 mol -1 cm-1.
    What concentration of [Mn(h20)6]2+ would be necessary to give an abosorbance of 0.10 in a cell of path length 1.00.

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    molar absorptivity a = 0.038 mol-1 cm-1
    absorbance A = 0.10
    path length b = 1.00 cm
    concentration c(mol/L) = ?

    Because,by Beer-Lambert Law

    A = a * b * c
    => c = A/(a*b) = 0.1/(0.038*1.00) = 2.63 mol/Litre ...

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    The solution uses the relevant law to calculate the concentration of [Mn(h20)6]2+ necessary to give an absorbance of 0.10 in a cell of path length 1.00 for the absorbtion band described in clear steps as well as providing a proof of the formula below.