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    Mechanisms for three reactions

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    Sn + 2I2 ---> SnI4 (Ac2O,AcOH,reflux on arrow)
    SnI4 + 2PPh3 ---->(PPh3)2SnI4 (CHCl3 on arrow)
    SnI4 + (Me2SO)2 ----> SnI4(Me2SO)2 (CH2Cl2 on arrow)

    Give mechanisms for these reactions if there is any.

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    Sn has two oxidation states +2 and +4. Out of these two +4 is more stable than +2 , Sn+2/Sn+4 potential is -0.15 V. So Sn(II) compounds are unstable and get oxidised to Sn(IV). But in spite of more stability of Sn(IV), its chemistry cannot be carried out in aqueous (H2O) media due to the ease of hydrolysis to hydroxides. These hydroxides are nothing but tin oxides which are highly ...

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    The solution explains how to get mechanisms for three different reactions.