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    Solubility of Tin (IV) Iodide

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    1. During an experiment we Prepared SnI4 and through a series of steps our product was essentially pure SnI4 with no SnI2 why ?

    2. In a solution of SnI4 and acetone which would be more soluble : water or a saturated KI solution ?

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    1) In your experiment, you refluxed a mixture of iodine and tin for about 40 minutes. Iodine is a reasonably strong oxidizing agent, meaning it will convert Sn --> Sn+2 --> Sn+4. If you compared the amount of moles of both tin and iodine used, you will find that an excess of iodine is used. This means any Sn+2 in the ...

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    Why in a reflux of tin and iodine, sin (IV) iodide is the primary product is determined. Which solution is more soluble in acetone: water, or saturated KI is given.