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    Intermolecular Forces, Solubility, Vitamins and Solid Structure

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    Need some help with these questions

    1. What type of intermolecular forces must be overcome to:
    a. Vaporize liquid Br2
    b. Boil CH3OH (Liquid Methanol) Pretty sure this is Hydrogen Bonding
    c. Sublime solid NH4Cl
    d. Vaporize CHCl3 (Chloroform)

    2. What would you expect to be more soluble in water and please explain why.

    a. HCOOH (formic acid) or Cyclohexane (C6H12)
    b. Iodine or Hydrogen iodide
    c. SiO2 or KOH

    3. Vitamin A, B6, C and E, which of these are water soluble and which are largely fat soluble? Please explain why?

    4. Indicate the type of solid (molecular, metallic, ionic, or covalent network) each of the following would form upon solidification:
    a. Pt Metallic
    b. CaCO3 Ionic
    c. ZrO2 Covalent Network
    d. Kr Molecular

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