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    Typical Concentration Problems

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    22. How many grams of potassium permanganate, KMnO4, are required to make 2.00X10^2cm^3of a 1.50M solution?

    27. What is the concentration of a solution that contains 90.3g of MgSO4 in 5.00 x10^2cm^3?

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    Notice how I arranged the conversions to cancel what I didn't want, and leave km.


    I used the information above that 1 light year = 9.46 x 1012 km.

    Mass ---> Moles ---> Atoms

    I used the atomic mass of S and Avogadro's Number to obtain the number of atoms. See how everything cancels to leave atoms S? Moles are always involved in these equations.

    Now to figure out the mass of Al for the same number of ...

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    The working for two Typical Concentration Problems is shown.