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    Reading a log-log graph

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    Extracting metals from ore: Thomas Sherwood studied the relationship between the concentration of a metal in commercial ore and the price of the metal. The accompanying graph shows the Sherwood plot with the locations of several metals marked. Even though the scales on this graph are not typical, the graph can be read in the same manner as other graphs. Note also that a concentration of 100 is 100%.

    a) Use the figure to estimate the price of copper (Cu) and its concentration in commercial ore...
    b) Use the figure to estimate the price of a metal that has a concentration of 10-6 percent in commercial ore...
    c) Would the four points shown in the graph lie along a straight line if they were plotted in our usual coordinate system?

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    This problem can not be answered without the Sherwood plot.

    The Sherwood plot is a standard plot and can be obtained (among other sites) at:

    Please see the attached file.

    As one can ...

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    The solution demonstrates how to read an gather information using a log-log graph.