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    DeltaG Values from Reactions and Non-standard Conditions

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    1) If the overall deltaG of the following reaction is -5.3Kcal/M and we know that the deltaG for the conversion of
    ADP + Pi ---> ATP is +7.3Kcal/M, what must the deltaG be for the conversion of PEP ----> pyruvate?

    Phosphoenolpyruvate (PEP) + ADP ----> pyruvate + ATP

    2) Working in the lab, you determine the deltaG0 for the conversion of PEP ----> pyruvate to be -2.3kcal/M. What is the Keq for this reaction?

    3)You decide to look at the reverse reaction in a liver cell. You use the equation below:

    Pyruvate + Pi ----> phosphoenolpyruvate (PEP)

    Using a deltaG0 of 2.3kcal/M and determining the concentration of pyruvate (2 mM), Pi (2.3 mM) and PEP (0.004 M), calculate the deltaG for this reaction.

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