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Energetics of Lactate Oxidation by Fe3+

A)Under standard conditions , will the oxidation of lactate using Fe3+ as electron acceptor prove energetically favorable? What is the change in free energy associated with the complete oxidation of lactate to carbon dioxide by Fe3+? (Assume reduction of Fe3+ to Fe2+)

Given information pe0=-0.68 (My knowledge about this is: pe0=E0/2.3(RT/F)=E0/0.059 and T=298K, F=faraday constant) for the following reaction:
1/12 lactate ion +1/4 water---->1/4 CO2(g)+11/12H+ ion + e-

b) How does this energy change compare with the aerobic oxidation of lactate?

c) Recompute the free energy change of lactate oxidation by ferric ion under Non Standard conditions assuming that:

[Fe2+]=10^-4 M
T=25 degree centigrade
[lactate]=10^-3 M
Carbon dioxide is in equilibrium with atmospheric CO2
Fe3+ is in equilibrium with Fe(OH)3 (s)
Note for Fe(OH)3, Ksp=10^-38
Ksp is the equilibrium constant

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The solution shows detailed calculations for finding deltaG under standard and non-standard conditions using reduction potentials and electrochemistry.