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    Free energy change of a reaction

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    Consider the combustion reaction for propane below.
    CH3CH2CH3(g)+5O2(g)-------->3 C02(g)+4H20(g)

    a) Determine the delta G standard state at 298 K from the following standard state values at T= 298
    S(CH3CH2CH3)=269.9 J/K mol
    S(C02)= 213.7 J/K mol
    S(H20)=188.8 J/K mol
    S(02)=205.1 J/ K mol
    delta H(CH3CH2CH3)=-103.9 kJ/mol
    delta H(C02)=-393.5 kJ/mol
    delta H(H20)=-241.8 kJ/mol

    b) Determine the delta G standard state at 1000K. assume delta H is independent of temperature.

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    Use any good chemistry text reference. I'm using "Chemistry" 2nd ed. by Steven Zumdahl, page 749.

    The free energy change is calculated using:
    deltaG = deltaH - T*deltaS
    Where T ...

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