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    Analytical Chemistry Calculations

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    6. A solution of Al2S3 is converted, by chemical means, to a form which can be precipitated as BaSO4. Calculate the gravimetric factor which allows determining BaSO4 from a sample of Al2S3.

    7. What pH is required to just precipitate iron (III) hydroxide from a 0.10 M FeCl3 solution? Ksp for FE(OH)3 is 4 x 10^-38.

    8. Calculate the pH of a solution obtained by diluting 0.0500 moles of NaC2H3O2 to 500 mL total volume solution. Ka (HC2H3O2) = 1.75 X 10^-5

    9. From the standard potentials of the following half-reactions, determine the reaction that will occur, and calculate the cell voltage from the reaction:
    PtCl6 (2-) + 2e- = PtCl4 (2-) + 2Cl - E0 = 0.68 V
    V3+ + e- = V2+ E0 = -0.255 V

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