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Answer the following questions, showing calculations and equations where appropriate:

1. Your analytical technique directly and accurately measures the concentration of iron-54 in your samples. How would you calculate the total iron concentration from these concentrations? What if you wanted to know the iron-oxide concentration (How would you do that calculation)? Show the calculations for an iron-54 concentration of 0.1%.

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If I understood the question correctly, it asks about how one can calculate the total concentration of Iron if the analytical method used gives directly the concentratoin of Iron-54. WHat one would do in this case is obtain the abundance of iron-54 which happens to be 5.82% (reference is MERK INDEX). by obtaining the concentration vallues from the analytical method and calling it X, then Y which is the total conncentration of iron would be: (Y=X*100/5.8).
On the other hand to obtain the concentration of ...

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