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Oleic Acid

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The chemical formula for oleic acid is CH3(CH2)7CH:CH(CH2)7COOH.

What would be a balanced equation for the complete oxidation of one mole of oleic acid?

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Oleic Acid

The complete oxidation equation is:

aCH3(CH2)7CH = CH(CH2)7COOH + bO2 = cCO2 + dH20

Now we have to count the numbers of all the elements involved.
There are 18a carbons, 34a hydrogens, 2a+2b oxygens on the left side.
There are c carbons, 2d ...

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Oleic acid chemical formulas are analyzed. A balanced equations for the complete oxidation of one mole of oleic acid is given. This solution includes calculations and explanation. The solution is 190 words.

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