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    Categorization of sugar and steroids

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    A. Categorize the attached sugar diagram as D or L. Draw its Haworth structure as the beta anomer.

    B. Draw a triglyceride with a chiral carbon which contains two molecules of stearic acid (18 carbons) and one molecule of oleic acid (18 carbons, one double bond at C9). Circle the chiral carbon in your structure.

    C. Construct a deoxyribonucleotide containing adenine. The required parts are shown attached.

    D. Draw the tetracyclic androstane ring system common to all steroids.

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    Please see the attached graphic.

    The graphic contains a structure of a chiral triacylglyercol (triglyceride) with stearic acid and oleic acid. In order for the structure to contain a chiral carbon, the second carbon of the ...

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    This solution answers four questions using a Haworth structure, sugar diagrams, chiral carbons, and steroids.