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Organic Chemistry Structure and Stability

1. In the bromination of n-butane, the secondary hydrogens are 20 times more reactive than the primary hydrogens. What is the product ratio of 1-bromobutane to 2-bromobutane?
a. 6:4
b. 1:20
d. 7:93

2. Rank the free radicals (I-III) shown below in order of decreasing stability (ie, most stable to least stable).
CH2-CH2-CH-(CH3)2 I

CH3-CH2- C-(CH3)2 II

a. I > II > III
b. III > II > I
c. II> I > III
d. II > III > I

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This is a confusing question because I'm not sure if they mean the total reactivity of all the secondary hydrogens (four of them) compared to all of the primary hydrogens (six of them), or if they mean one secondary hydrogen compared to one primary hydrogen... we can do it both ways and see what happens...

OPTION 1: Considering the ...

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