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    Cyclic Alkyne reaction with KMnO4 and O3

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    Molecule 1: 5 carbon ring, carbon 1 has a carbon attached which also is triple bonded to another carbon (this end carbon just has a H attached.) There is also a double bond between carbons 1 and 2 in the ring. Predict the product when this reacts with KMnO4 in H30+.

    Molecule 2: I have a 6 carbon ring. C1 has a C which is also triple bonded to a Carbon which is attached to a H. Carbon 2 is attached to a methyl group. There is a double bond between C3 & C4 in the ring. Predict this reaction with O3.

    What is the best program to use to draw these molecules?

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    Please see attached for the best drawings of your first and second molecule.
    1. Since the molecule contains both alkene and alkyne functional groups, you should expect oxidative cleavage of both alkene ...

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